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Anthony Epes

"Being a photographer is to live in a state of isolation as you are always standing back from the commotion of life and seeing the world in single images. The most prominent feeling I get when I photograph is of having a moment to feel completely connected to something beautiful."

Growing up in Greece, Maine and California - Epes has always had a fascination with nature and its hypnotic beauty. Having received a double major at Brooks Institute in California he followed this with a four year period of learning and experimentation in Los Angeles. Assisting and printing he was able to learn his craft inside out.

In 2000 Epes moved to London on a commission to photograph and publish 'London at Dawn'. For the exhibition he took over a disused banana warehouse in Borough Market – a location that epitomised the constant regeneration that London undergoes. The show ran for 2 ½ months – receiving reviews from BBC London, The Guardian and The Evening Standard. He now has a permanent collection at his own gallery and studio.

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